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Bigg Boss Telugu Non Stop EP 12 | Natraj Feels Betrayed by Own Team

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show finished 6 days. The house tracked down another commander and it’s the ideal opportunity for choosing the Best and Worst Performer of the week. While being caught in a hula circle, four housemates gear up to clean the BB house. Afterward, Natraj feels sold out when his group designates him for the most obviously terrible entertainer of the week.

Clean the house with a hula hoop
Bigg Boss requested that Tejaswi pick four housemates to clean the house by being caught in a hula circle. RJ Chaitu, Sree Rapaka, Siva, and Anil Rathod cleaned the house.

  • RJ Chaitu disclosed to Mumait Khan that he didn’t say that it is sickening to see her face and furthermore guaranteed her that he will be cautious in discussing delicate issues in the house.

Best Performer and Worst Performer
Bigg Boss asked the six captaincy competitors to pick the best and most awful entertainers of the house.

They collectively picked Mahesh Vitta as the best entertainer.

There were blended reactions about picking the most obviously awful entertainer however eventually, Natraj Master has turned into the most awful entertainer.

Natraj feels betrayed
Natraj Master himself approached and acknowledged to be the most horrendously awful entertainer. In any case, he later felt sold out by his group maters notwithstanding giving expressions of remorse to the individuals who were wounded by his remarks.

Natraj in Jail
There is no extraordinary prison in this season except for the coordinators sent a Cage to the house and Natraj will be in it until he gets further requests from the Bigg Boss.

Extraordinary treat for Best Performer
Bigg Boss sent Veg Burger and Chicken to Mahesh Vitta for being the best entertainer.



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